Spring Clean-Ups

At Dependable Landscaping we will make sure your property is ready for all of your warm weather activities. We can do a cleanup as a one-time service, or it can be part of our yearly maintenance service package.  When you sign up for a seasonal contract your first lawn cut is on us…

Spring cleanup services include:

  • Cleaning out leaves and sticks from gardens, law, deck and pool areas (if applicable)
  • Light pruning of winter injury on shrubs (dead or damaged branches)
  • Spade edging all gardens and hardscapes
  • Thatching and cleanup of lawn area
  • Clean up of buffer zone along wooded areas (as needed)
  • Blowing off all hardscapes
  • First complete lawn cutting of season

Contact us today to schedule a service or inquire about our Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Packages and get your property ready for a spring /summer of enjoyment outdoors….

Does your lawn and landscape need a little extra post-winter TLC? Additional spring services can include spot seeding, pre-emergence weed control, aeration of turf and mulching. Call John Today at (732) 575-7950 and ask about these additional services.


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